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A few words about wine clubs

Wine clubs are a great way for you to save money on your favorite bottles and for vintners to ensure that they have customers for their wines. Plus if you live out of the area, you can have your favorite wines shipped to you every three months or so. 

Wine clubs generally also offer other benefits, such as savings (from 5 to 30 percent off the retail price) with their loyalty programs. With most, you agree to purchase a specified number of bottles a year. Memberships are generally free but require credit card registration. And usually, you can cancel any time after the first shipment (or pickup, if you live in the area). Here’s a look, in alphabetical order, at wine programs at some of my favorite wineries in Idaho, straight from their brochures/websites:

Fujishin Family Cellars
Photo by Meg McKenzie
-- Fujishin Family Cellars: You will receive a quarterly shipment of wine selected by our Winemaker, Martin Fujishin. Included with your shipment, you will receive tasting notes for that wine, as well as a recipe selected to pair with your wine for an outstanding dinner idea. You will receive a 15% discount on all FFC wine or merchandise purchased directly from the Tasting Room.  

You can choose from 4 membership levels: 2 bottles, 4 bottles, 6 bottles, and 12 bottles each quarter.  For example: If you are a 2 bottle club member, you will receive 2 bottles of Viognier if that is the selection for the quarter. We will hopefully be adding an option to receive a red and a white wine or just reds or whites in the future as we expand our wine selections. The cost of your wine club selection will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card on file each quarter. You can then pick up your club wines at the Tasting Room or have them shipped to your residence at a minimal shipping cost.  (Some state shipping restrictions may apply.)

Membership Benefits:
  • 15% Club Member Discount on all Fujishin Family Cellars Wines purchased from the Coyotes Tasting Room or directly from the winery.
  • 10% Discount on purchases of 6-11 bottles = 25% Total Discount
  • 15% Discount on full cases = 30% Total Case Discount
  • Invitations to special members only Wine Club Events
  • Access to wines reserved for Club Members Only!
  • Tasting Notes for your club wine and a recipe to pair with your selection. 
Sample Fuijishin wine discounts: 2008 RSV Merlot ret: $21.95/WC $18.66
2009 Gewurztraminer - $14.95/12.71
2008 Merlot- $18.95/16.11
2009 Viognier- $14.95/12.71
2008 Syrah- $19.95/15.34
2009 Riesling – $14.95/12.71

Indian Creek Vineyards
Photo by Meg McKenzie
-- Indian Creek: “Join our Wine-Thirty club. You’ll get three bottles of Indian Creek wine every quarter (three months) as well as other benefits… Mixed option: $35 + tax. Reds only: $40 + tax. These costs are per quarter, and we select the wine. If you are local, you may pick up your wine and we’ll notify you by email or phone each quarter. We can also ship your wine and will add S&H fees. Wine Club benefits: 15% off wine and gift shop items, free admission to our annual Father’s Day open house and 5% on event hosting (weddings, etc.).

-- Koenig Distillery & Winery: Every other month (January, March, May, July, September, and November), Wine Club members will receive 2, 4, 6, or 12 bottles of a select Koenig Vineyards wine at the Club discount of 15% for 2 or 4 bottles, 25% for 6 bottles and 30% for 12 bottles. Enclosed with each shipment are detailed winemaker’s notes regarding the vineyard, wine-making process and food pairing suggestions for the selected vintage. Wine Club members will also be entitled to 15% any wine or merchandise purchase in our tasting room and will be exempt from tasting fees for Reserve wines. There is no membership fee and Club memberships may be cancelled at any time. Wines are shipped directly or members may choose to pick up their wines from the winery to avoid shipping costs.
Koenig wines
Photo by Meg McKenzie
Wines selected range in price from $12 to $25 per bottle. Members who choose to have their wines shipped will be charged a shipping and packaging fee. Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) are accepted as payment. You will be automatically billed and shipped your wines. Members who prefer to pick up their wines will be notified of their availability by email.

-- Periple Wines: Wine Club membership, which is free, entitles you to discounts and invitations to private events. Members also enjoy complimentary tastings at the winery for themselves and up to six guests. There are three price ranges: Origin: 3 bottles ($90-$120); Elixir: 6 bottles ($180-$240); Odyssey: 12 bottles ($360-$480). Bottle are shipped every six months (April and October) at a 5% discount off regular prices for Origin, 10% for Elixir and 15% for Odyssey. The case discount of 15% extends to this program as well.

-- Sawtooth Winery: Love our wines? Ask an associate about becoming a Wine Club Member and start enjoying wonderful member benefits today!” [Example: Retail price for 2008 RSV Cabernet Sauvignon, $25, Wine Club price, $20; retail for 2008 Muscat Blanc, $10, Wine Club, $8]

The Snake River tasting room
Photo by Meg McKenzie
-- Snake River Winery: By joining the Snake River Wine Club, you will receive a 3-bottle shipment of our award-winning wines four times a year (approximately every three months). Because you are a wine club member, you will receive a discount of 20% off these wines with shipments ranging from $30 to $50 each. You will receive an email notification that your wine is on the way and that your credit card will be charged. Your installment will also include a special gift and a letter from the winemaker including tasting notes, technical information and food pairing ideas. Your wines can be conveniently picked up at our tasting room in Downtown Boise or shipping is available to selected states.

• Free membership
• 20% discount on wine purchases for the first month
• 15% discount on all wines under a case
• 20% discount on all Snake River Winery Logo Wear

• Special opportunity to purchase limited release wines and library selections

-- Snyder Winery: If you like our wines, join a different kind of wine club. It's easy and you will be rewarded for purchasing our wines.
Snyder Wines
Photo by Meg McKenzie

Buy 12 bottles, receive free wine tasting for you and your guests at our wine bar (normally a $5 dollar value). Buy 24 bottles, receive free wine tasting for you and your guests at our wine bar + special offers for discounts and events. Buy 36 bottles, receive free wine tasting for you and for your guests at our wine bar + special offers for discounts and events and a Spring Release Dinner Party for 2.
Buy 48 bottles, receive free wine tasting for you and for your guests at our wine bar + special offers for discounts and events + spring release dinner party for 2 and two $25 discount coupons for our Steakhouse.

We have a different kind of club because there's:
• No commitments for purchases
• FREE benefits at our winery and steakhouse
• Bottles of wine purchased for weddings, parties and at our Steakhouse also count to your rewards goal.

--  Ste. Chapelle’s Friends of the Vineyard Wine Club: Fun-filled ‘members only’ events, wine discounts [example: retail price for their popular Soft Red is $8.95, Friends price is $7.16; retail for Ice Riesling: $19.95; Friends price: $15.96]; bi-monthly shipments and educational information.” Ste. Chapelle also offers a Case Club option.

-- 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards: 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards encourages you to join our wine club: CĂ´tes de l’Aigle (Foothills of Eagle) Wine Club. Membership gives you exclusive pre-release access to 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards upcoming releases, limited production and library wines.

3 Horse Vineyards winery
Photo by Meg McKenzie
The annual shipments are traditionally: a spring collection in April, a summer selection in June and a holiday shipment in November. You will be notified by e-mail of each specific offering, shipment will follow in about 10 days. Or you can pick up your wine at the 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards Tasting Room at Season’s Bistro and Wine Bar in Eagle (and sample some wine!). Of course, this will assist in reducing our carbon footprint and allow you to save some money. Just let us know, otherwise, on the predetermined shipment date, (4 week window of opportunity here) your wines will be automatically shipped and the shipment charged to your credit card as agreed. Billing charges include shipping, handling and applicable sales tax.
Stay for as long as you like! Just complete online form or fill out a card in our Tasting Room at Season’s Bistro and Wine Bar 1117 E. Winding Creek Dr., Suite 150, Eagle, Idaho 83616. Most Wine Club Members keep a credit card on file, so we can guarantee availability with each new release. There are no joining fees, no membership fees, and you can cancel anytime.

Williamson Homestead Red
Photo by Meg McKenzie
-- Williamson Vineyard: Wine Club Options: Members will receive two bottles of select Williamson Vineyard wine four times a year. We offer three wine club categories: reds, whites or mixed. Quarterly, your credit card will be charged for wines and shipping.” (Members can opt for pick up at winery and waive S&H fees). Red option: $56 average value (includes tax, S&H. Final pricing depends on combination of wines and distance wine is being shipped). Selection includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Windmill Red and Syrah. White option: $44 average value. Selection includes Viognier, Riesling and Late Harvest Viognier. Mixed: $50 average value. One bottle of red and one of white. Other benefits: 15% discount on wine purchases; 20% off full case of wine; quarterly newsletter; invitations to members-only events, such as the Vineyard Picnic; welcoming gift of logo glass or

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